The Adamson Metrix is an ultra compact 2-way true line source array enclosure which provides unmatched clarity for speech reinforcement and medium SPL for smaller to mid-size venue installations, or for use as an underhang-, side-, front- or balcony fill enclosure in larger installations. The Metrix offers lightning fast rigging and multiple uses for applications of all sizes. The Metrix line is available with AIR™ laser cut steel touring rigging, or with EIR™ installation rigging (-i) with reduced weight and cost.

Similar to the high-end SpekTrix True Line Source Array Series, the Metrix houses the Adamson ND8-LM 8” Kevlar Neodymium low-mid frequency driver optimized for this 2-way enclosure, and B&C’s DE800 1.4” HF compression driver with an Adamson patented high frequency wave shaping chamber. The result is clear, clean high end, with a full and warm mid-range. 

The Metrix system makes for an impeccable main P.A system for smaller touring applications such as for theatre & dance companies, when used in conjunction with the Metrix double 15” sub woofer, as well as a front, side, or stage-fill speaker for full-sized touring applications.


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