Adamson revealed a new product line at the ISE show in Amsterdam. The Point Concentric Series brings a powerful range of passive, co-axial, loudspeakers designed for both installation and rental markets to the Adamson tool box.  The multipurpose cabinets are available in a double 5" (PC5), single 6" (PC6), single 8" (PC8), single 10" (PC10) and a single 12" (PC12) version.  This discreet range of cabinets, come coated with water borne acrylic paint, while all metalwork is finished with a Sandtex Powder Coating.  Keeping form with the acclaimed Point Series, all cabinets can be color matched to the RAL library.

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Constructed in 1923-1924 and designed by Montreal architect Joseph-Raoul Gariépy, who specialized in theatre and hospital projects, the Rialto was inspired by the Neo-baroque-style of the Paris Opera House. The Rialto Theatre is one of the most iconic buildings in Montreal, and is a former movie palace which today is designated as a ‘National Historic Site’ of Canada.

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