Production Resource Group (PRG), one of the premier global providers of production services for live touring, theater, television, film and corporate events, recently backed their Belgian division with a substantial investment in a new Adamson Energia system.

The company has taken delivery of 36 E15 line array enclosures with 24 E219 subwoofers scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter. The E15 line arrays were immediately put to work at Festivalpark in Werchter, Belgium. PRG EML provided the Energia system for the TW Classic, headlined by The Rolling Stones and then for Rock Werchter, featuring Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon and Metallica. The E15 system is now currently out for a Spanish tour with Negramaro.

“The Werchter Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Europe,” explains Patrick “Duim” Demoustier, senior sound engineer for PRG EML. “The E15 line arrays performed extremely well – they were fantastic and I was very impressed.”

The Adamson system – used for both Festivalpark events – consisted of left-right hangs of 24 E15 line array enclosures with 14 ground stacked 18-inch proprietary EML subs on either side of the stage (28 total). Two outfill arrays were made up of 12 Adamson E15 enclosures with delay provided by five clusters of 12 Adamson Y18 line array enclosures.   

“I’ve been a supporter of Adamson line arrays since we invested in a Y-Axis rig years ago,” adds Demoustier. “They create loudspeakers that are one step above everyone else. The E15 is no exception – there is greater control of the high frequencies, the new rigging is wonderful and the tuning is terrific.”

PRG provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging, and scenery and automation systems, for these markets from more than 40 offices in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

DV2, Adamson partner and distributor in France, provided the new system. Didier Dal Fitto, associate director of DV2, spent two days instructing the EML PRG team in the finer details of the new system. DV2 also delivered new Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q amplifiers to power the system.

“We are very excited to have PRG EML as an Energia partner,” adds Jochen Sommer, director of European operations for Adamson. “It speaks volumes that a world-wide industry leader like PRG has chosen to join Adamson’s Energia network.”

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