With a career spanning 25 years and over 20 million albums sold, beloved Italian pop singer Gigi D’Alessio returned to where it all began for a recent homecoming show at San Paolo Stadium in Naples, Italy. While D’Alessio and his crew have relied on sound reinforcement solutions from Adamson Systems Engineering for over 15 years, they opted to expand their typical package to ensure a stellar show for the 30,000 hometown fans.

“We’ve been champions of Adamson products for many years, so the choice was clear when it came to a top-of-the-line system for this very important show in Gigi D’Alessio’s home city,” says the artist’s longtime sound designer, Luigi Giandonato. “We know the sound is always pristine, so what’s more important is the support we receive from Adamson’s team. We know we’re covered no matter what.”

D’Alessio and his crew have enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship with Adamson, having first toured with the company’s seminal Y10 line arrays in 2002. Since, D’Alessio has been the first Italian artist to tour with both the E15 three-way, true line source enclosures and compact S10 two-way, full range line array cabinets.

The system flown at San Paolo Stadium built on the configuration used throughout D’Alessio’s 2016 dates, with the addition of a centre cluster. The resulting solution included left-right arrays of 14 E15s and four S10s per side and a centre array comprised of eight additional E15s. The side hangs featured 16 Y18 three-way line array cabinets per side, with a fleet of SpekTrix boxes handling front and infills. A complement of 32 T21 subwoofers held down the low end, with the entire package supplied by Termoli, Italy-based production provider Rooster s.r.l.

“We had the chance to tour with the E15s as soon as they arrived in Italy and have loved their performance ever since,” comments FOH engineer Roberto Rosu. “I’m always impressed by the low frequency response and the natural sound of the mids, especially on vocals. Italian pop music has a very wide dynamic range, and the Adamson system relayed it perfectly. After the show, I heard all kinds of congratulations about the impressive sound quality, which is a nice bonus to an already great experience with Adamson.”

Photo: (L-R) Vincenzo Alba (PA Tech, FOH assistant), Roberto Rosu (FOH Engineer), Gennaro Maione (PA Tech) & Luigi Giandonato (Sound Designer, PA Systems Engineer)

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