Technika Kubacki is a full-service live event and production firm based in Krzepice in the northwestern corner of Lesser Poland. Earlier this year, the company expanded its Adamson Systems Engineering inventory to better serve its wide and diverse customer base, which includes many of Poland’s best-known live acts and music events.

Technika Kubacki joined the Adamson Network in August 2017, sourcing a sizeable S-Series system from ProAUDIO-AVT, the manufacturer’s exclusive Polish distributor. That initial package included 24 S10 two-way, full-range line array cabinets and 12 complementary S119 subwoofers.

“After a long and detailed analysis of what was available, we chose to invest in Adamson. They have excellent products and the brand is respected all over the world,” begins Damian Kubacki, Owner. “We’ve had our system out on all kinds of applications in all kinds of conditions with great results every time. The sub-compact S10 fits our needs perfectly.”

In early 2019, the company significantly boosted its inventory in order to deploy larger and more versatile systems for a myriad of applications. Now, Technika Kubacki boasts 40 S10 and 16 narrow-dispersion S10n cabinets in addition to 16 S119 and 8 E219 subwoofers, plus a complement of Adamson E-Racks with Lab.gruppen PLM 12K44 and PLM 20000Q amplifiers with onboard Lake processing.

Kubacki cites Adamson’s Blueprint AV design and simulation software solution as another major selling point. “Blueprint is just so intuitive and easy to use, making system design and deployment very straightforward. The results are always crystal clear and translate seamlessly to the real world,” he says.

Headquartered in Krzepice, Poland, Technika Kubacki has been providing turnkey live event solutions for nearly 20 years both at home and abroad. Their experienced team prides itself on approaching each and every project with the utmost professionalism, from design to implementation.

“Working with our Adamson system is a pure pleasure, which is important because it’s been in such high demand,” says Kubacki in closing. “We get pristine and impactful sound and even coverage from a lightweight cabinet that’s incredibly easy to rig. It looks great in the air and we get all kinds of compliments from satisfied customers, artists, and the general public.”

“We’re delighted to count Technika Kabucki as a great partner and strong ambassador for the Adamson brand,” says ProAUDIO-AVT CEO Tomasz Kwiecień. “We look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow their business with their newly-expanded Adamson inventory.”


PHOTO: Technika Kubacki’s Damian Kubacki & ProAUDIO-AVT’s Tomasz Kwiecień

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