WINTER HAVEN, FL - Winter Haven Worship Center in Winter Haven, Florida, has installed a new Adamson PA system in their 1000-seat facility. The new system features a main stereo hang of nine IS10b sub-compact line array cabinets on each side, along with a total of four IS10pb full-range point source cabinets for outside and centre fill. Eight PC5i ultra-compact coaxial loudspeakers were incorporated for front row nearfield coverage. Finally, for low frequency reinforcement, they installed an under-stage sub arc, consisting of eight IS119b. 

Bergen, Norway: One of Bergen's largest and most intriguing venues, Bergen Kjøtt, has officially invested in their own Adamson PA system. Thanks to generous grants from Kulturrom, Sparebanken Vest, Bergen Kommune, and EGD Property, Fabrikkhallen at Bergen Kjøtt is now outfitted with 4 x IS10P, 4 x IS119, 4 x PC12, and Lab Gruppen D-Series amps. The installation process was led by Technical Consultant, Sverre Vik, installed by Bergen Ento, and the products were supplied by Adamson partner, Benum Norway.  

Adamson IS-Series rig in 360-degree configuration

 An Adamson IS7 line array system has been installed into the 30,000-capacity Taoyuan Arena, which has a membrane domed roof supported by steel cables. One of only five such structures in the world, the construction technique gives the circular stadium a “big top” feel and in-the-round configuration which lends itself to sporting events, exhibitions and cultural performances.

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