Amas Produksjon is the latest distributor to join the Adamson team. They announced their new partnership while at Prolight and Sound this year. The Norwegian company started as a booking agent in the early 90’s but quickly grew to include equipment rental, and in 2004 they began sales and distribution of top brands in the pro audio world. Amas specializes in turn-key pro audio solutions in both the sales and rental markets. These services include everything from rental to full sound design, installation and 24hr service to their clients in installation and live touring markets.

CEO, Morten Paulsen says, “Our main focus is always to create good complete, turn-key solutions for our customers, combining different products to suit each customer’s specific need.”  The addition of Adamson products to their ‘line card’ paired with Powersoft Audio amplifiers will give them the ability to supply Norway with what they believe is the best technology available in the industry. In addition to pro audio equipment they also have the ability to provide lighting with products available from Ayrton, OXO and Green Light Lighting, as well as staging and barricades from Europodium.

When asked about why Amas decided to carry the Adamson brand Morten explains: “We have always known that Adamson was a high quality manufacturer. Our engineers are constantly touring in Europe and we’d only heard good things. We were comparing the speakers available in the pro audio industry and Adamson stood out as the best.  We contacted the European office and ask about the products and after some discussion we knew it would be a great fit for our business. A few short months later the deal was made and we’re excited to be partnered with Adamson.”

Morten knows that being both a rental house and a distributor provides a unique opportunity for Amas.  Adamson has, up until this point, been an unknown commodity in the Norwegian market but Morten see’s their sales model as a direct route to breaking the products into the market.   “Our rental department uses brands featured in our sales catalog, which gives us a great opportunity to demo our equipment, do showcases and provide a working knowledge of the products we sell. Our business is perfectly suited to introduce new brands to this market. The fact that we are ready to put them to the test against other manufacturers shows that we believe in the quality of the products. It also doesn’t hurt that they sound amazing.”

Amas has already made an imprint in Norway with their first sale to Konsert-Service, a rental-house, who recently added a significant investment of Metrix, Metrix W, Metrix Subs, M12s, M15s, Point 8’s along with rigging and dollies. This full service sale is what Morten hopes will set Amas apart in Norway. He says, “We are also hoping that our approach to complete systems and integration will be a defining part in our sales and in our installations. “

“Adamson and Amas are very like-minded in the sense that we obsess over delivering products that are well thought out and technologically advanced. We were very impressed with the Adamson line because there is no compromise in the quality and execution.  The products are Innovation and the care that went into the safety of their rigging impressed us. Adamson should be one of the first brands you inquire about if you are buying a new PA, or doing a new installation. ” concluded Morten.

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