Based in the Metro Detroit area, Allen Audio Systems has offered client- and artist-focused sound reinforcement solutions for indoor and outdoor events in and around the state of Michigan for over 30 years. Now, with the addition of a sizeable E-Series system from Adamson Systems Engineering to its inventory, the company is poised to continue that mission with a wider scope and scale.

“We decided to invest in an Adamson E-Series system based on the overwhelming success of the S-Series system we purchased for the Agora Theatre in Cleveland a couple of years ago,” begins Mark Allen, Owner of Allen Audio Systems. “The comments about that system have all been really positive, and many touring artists have raved about it. Given that, we knew the next system we would add to our inventory was definitely going to be Adamson.”

After making that initial decision, Operations Manager Bill Gleespen and Staff Audio Engineer Jacob Wargo focused their attention on the company’s large-format E-Series loudspeaker solutions. “We’ve noticed more and more tours and festivals relying on the E-Series because of its power, throw, and clarity,” Allen adds. “We needed a solution to handle large theatres, small arenas, and festivals serving touring artists in Southeast Michigan specifically and the greater Michigan area in general, and the E-Series offered everything we needed and more.”

Subsequently, Allen Audio bolstered its inventory with a complement of 24 E12 three-way, full-range array enclosures along with 16 E119 subwoofers. As well, the company acquired eight S7p point-source cabinets to deploy in a wide range of applications.

Founded in 1988, Allen Audio Systems provides all aspects of production for a myriad of venues and clients, from small clubs and corporate meetings to large scale-national acts on festival and arena stages. Recognizing no two events are the same, Allen Audio leverages its decades of experience and expertise to plan, prepare, and execute the product that their clients and their audiences expect.

“We’ve had fantastic experiences with the team at Adamson thus far,” notes Allen. “This really goes back two years when we visited Adamson’s manufacturing facility. I was really impressed that the whole upper management team, including Brock [Adamson, founder], took the time to meet us and get to know what we did and hoped to do. It’s been incredibly easy having questions answered and dealt with immediately.”

“It’s great Adamson Network partners like Allen Audio that have helped us establish trust in the Adamson brand over the years,” adds Adamson CEO Marc Bertrand in closing. “We look forward to continuing our collaborations with Mark and his team to bring the best audio performance and customer service to their clients throughout Michigan and its surrounding area.”


PHOTO: (L-R) Allen Audio Operations Manager Bill Gleespen, CEO Mark Allen & Staff Engineers Zach Johnson & Chris Jones

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