Adamson Systems Engineering is proud to announce the addition of applications engineer Brian Fraser to the sales and support team at their international headquarters.  Brian will bring more than a decade of experience working in the live, touring and installation markets to Adamson as they continue to expand their global market share. Brian brings his experience in Production Management, Front of House, and Monitors, to the technical sales and support departments.

Brian has had the chance to work in a broad range of environments from small clubs to arena-size venues with world renowned artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rick Springfield. His more than a decade of experience on the road working in pro audio will lend well to the broad range of products available in the Adamson line up.

Jesse Adamson, Adamson's Director of Marketing and Sales thinks Brian will fit right in, “Brian is a great guy and has a wealth of hands-on experience in the industry. We brought him on because of his ability to navigate through complex technical proposals with very clear and pragmatic direction."

Brian couldn’t be more thrilled about coming into the company with so many exciting products recently launched in the market, “The Energia E15 reinforced what people have known for years; that Adamson is synonymous with definition, clarity and warmth.  The frequency response of this system is incredible!  I’m also very excited about the Point Concentric series, these boxes sound amazing and can cover such a wide variety of applications.”


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