London, Canada’s The PA Shop Productions recently bolstered its rental inventory with an investment in Adamson Systems Engineering’s E-Series and S-Series loudspeakers.

The system saw plenty of action on major tours and music festivals in the latter half of 2017 and now, The PA Shop is ready for a jam-packed 2018, which includes the delivery of Adamson’s Applied Certification training at its headquarters from Feb. 26-27, 2018.

“We’d been back-and-forth with Jeremiah Karni, Application Engineer with Adamson, examining our options and putting several products through their paces in real-world applications,” shares The PA Shop’s Vice President and Production Manager, Kyle Schroeyens. “Needless to say, we were blown away by their performance, but also by the care and service we received from the team at Adamson. That made it even clearer that we’d made the right decision.”

The PA Shop’s new Adamson package is comprised of 24 E15 and six E12 three-way line array enclosures, 32 E119 subwoofers, and 36 S10 compact two-way, full range enclosures.

The system has already seen plenty of action in a relatively short period, providing stellar sound for a number of high-profile artists like Diplo, Foreigner, Lady Antebellum, Wiz Khalifa, and The Offspring in both outdoor festival applications and inside the city’s largest indoor venue, Budweiser Gardens.

"I had a great experience with Adamson and the PA Shop at the Rock the Park Festival,” shares Melvin Godfrey, FOH engineer with popular Canadian pop/rock outfit Marianas Trench. “Due to noise restrictions, I wasn't able to sound check the day of our performance. When I loaded my file for the show, my mix translated very well. The vocals were incredibly clear and I could hear all the desired separation in the mix. In pop music, vocals are key, and the E15 is an incredible PA for vocal clarity."

The PA Shop is Southwestern Ontario’s leading professional audio, lighting, recording, and video specialist. The company operates a full-service event production division in addition to running London’s largest audio, lighting, video, and recording retail showroom and an expansive online store.

The company will present Adamson’s standardized Applied Certification from Feb. 26-27 at its London, ON headquarters. The program is designed to instill the basic framework needed to properly design, deploy, and control an Adamson loudspeaker system. The focus is on the E-Series and S-Series, touching on the technology that provides that backbone for these systems as well as a basic module on alignment.

“Having spent a few weekends out with the team at The PA Shop, I know first-hand that they offer solutions and service that are second to none, regardless of the size of the application,” comments Jeremiah Karni, Applications Engineer with Adamson. “I’m thrilled to welcome The PA Shop to the Adamson Network and look forward to working closely with them throughout 2018 and beyond.”

PHOTO: Kyle & Ron Schroeyens of The PA Shop Productions

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