The 1912 blocks of the trendy Nanjing, China are draped in history and modern luxuries. The year 1912 is known as one of the most bustling and prosperous periods in the history of Nanjing and the district carries over the historical and nostalgic background in its architecture and layout.  Built around the Presidential Palace, the commercial buildings still carry characteristics of the Republic of China over a century later.  Nanjing’s popularity is rooted in its vibrant nightlife, trendy shops and restaurants.

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Adamson revealed a new product line at the ISE show in Amsterdam. The Point Concentric Series brings a powerful range of passive, co-axial, loudspeakers designed for both installation and rental markets to the Adamson tool box.  The multipurpose cabinets are available in a double 5" (PC5), single 6" (PC6), single 8" (PC8), single 10" (PC10) and a single 12" (PC12) version.  This discreet range of cabinets, come coated with water borne acrylic paint, while all metalwork is finished with a Sandtex Powder Coating.  Keeping form with the acclaimed Point Series, all cabinets can be color matched to the RAL library.

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Constructed in 1923-1924 and designed by Montreal architect Joseph-Raoul Gariépy, who specialized in theatre and hospital projects, the Rialto was inspired by the Neo-baroque-style of the Paris Opera House. The Rialto Theatre is one of the most iconic buildings in Montreal, and is a former movie palace which today is designated as a ‘National Historic Site’ of Canada.

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