Kawasaki-based production company Sunphonix recently acquired an E-Series system from Adamson Systems Engineering, making them the first E-Series partner in the Japanese market.

The package is comprised of E15 three-way, true line source enclosures and complementing E219 subwoofers, offering Sunphonix a significant competitive advantage to attract high-level domestic and international tours and large-scale music festivals in their home market.

“We were extremely impressed by the performance of the E-Series – such a nice, clear sound with a lot of punch,” offers Sunphonix System Designer Akihiko Higashi, noting that Adamson’s Applied Certification training was a welcome value-add that will ensure Sunphonix can offer the highest possible performance for future clients. “The program was very user-friendly and the presenters were very cooperative. We appreciate that impressive level of care and attention to detail.”

Founded in 1968, Sunphonix specializes in solutions for tours and major music festivals with both domestic and international acts. Higashi says the investment in the E-Series system was informed by the increased demand for Adamson products in the North American and European markets, with Sunphonix now poised to better service an elite international user base.

After participating in the Applied Certification training – a two-day course presented by Paul Ras of Adamson’s Japanese distributor, Rewire Inc., and Adamson’s David Dohrmann – the Sunphonix team wasted little time putting the system to work on some high-profile events.

Among those was a deployment for the taping of a popular Japanese TV program, Majiuta-Live 2017, at the famous Nippon Budokan in front of 10,000 live spectators. Sunphonix flew left and right arrays comprised of 10 E15s and a single S10 each, plus six ground-stacked E219s per side.

Rewire CEO Mack Miyamura is thrilled to have a company as reputable as Sunphonix helping them champion the Adamson brand in Japan. “We’re already getting a lot of traction with Adamson in our market, but getting the flagship E-Series out with Sunphonix on so many high-profile events and knowing the quality of performance their team will deliver, we know we’ll be getting a lot of well-deserved attention and are looking forward to capitalizing on that.”

“Rewire has earned the respect of many Japan’s top production companies,” comments Dohrmann, Adamson’s Technical Director for the Asia-Pacific region. “Partnering with a company like Sunphonix assures us that the Adamson brand is in the right hands in the Japanese market, and I’m looking forward to supporting both companies as they grow their businesses with Adamson.”

PHOTO: Participants in Adamson’s Applied Certification course at the Sunphonix headquarters, including Rewire Sales Manager Ryoichi Ishii (3rd from left); Adamson’s David Dohrmann (6th from left); Rewire Technical Support Engineer Paul Ras (7th from left); Sunphonix Head of Sound Gakuji Okumura (6th from right); Sunphonix System Designer Akihiko Higashi (4th from right); & Rewire CEO Mack Miyamura (far right)

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